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Full smooth omnidirectional locomotion in VR on your own hoverboard!

Develop on the Alto100 Platform

We are making the developer kit available to developers. Head over to Visospace to get access to it.

Unleash Unlimited locomotion in Virtual Reality with the Alto Platform

Embodied computing platforms such as VR, AR, XR are here to disrupt every industry and change the way we play, work and connect with each other.  But for these mediums to fulfill their full potentials and reach mass adoption, the user interface and interaction platforms need to evolve.  We believe that immersive virtual and augmented worlds should be only limited by our imagination and not our interaction tools.  VR needs its ‘user interface revolution’, the way Personal Computers did with the mouse and smart devices did with the multi-touch screen. 

At Visospace, we are building the future of Digital Interaction and unlocking the full potential of VR and AR!  We are starting with the Alto as your personal VR locomotion and navigation tool. 

Since the dawn of VR, Locomotion has been one of the biggest unsolved problems.  Moving around virtually (simulating movement visually) without physically moving the body causes ‘motion-sickness’ for majority of users.  Thus developers do not expose users to fluid, free movement in their experiences.  The current gold standard for VR movement is ‘Teleportation’ which is a breaker of immersion and confusing to the brain. 

What is Alto?

“the closest thing to lucid dreaming I have experienced…” – Abby, Alto user

The Alto is a platform to allow full, free, omnidirectional VR Locomotionin an engaging and immersive way without causing nausea and motion sickness.

You see your Alto, on the floor in front of you.  You put on your headset and enter a virtual world.  The board is still there in your view.  You can walk to it and it gets closer.  Step on it.  It wakes up.  You feel its flexible surface vibrate underneath you.  As you see a house in the distance, you gently shift forward towards it and you start to move, picking up speed.  You feel the ground underneath, the bumps, the jumps.  You are flying low on the ground towards the house.  Watch out, a rock bed coming up.  Press your jetpack button and you fly up a bit just over the rock.  When you get close to the house you lean back and slow down and stop just in front of the door.  Get off the board and walk through the door!

Not only does the Alto allow you to move around freely, it also features haptic feedback under your feet that make you feel the world under you!  We have had hundreds of Alto test users report to us a fun and intuitive experience and very few cases of people with nausea (less than 5%).


What We Need And What You Get

So what next?  We want to create our first community of Alto developers among you!  We need you.  If you join us, you will be one of just 100 developers around the world working closely with us and each other to adopt the Alto platform and unlocking an entirely new way to experience VR and engage with unlimited digital content.  Will you be one of the Alto100?

We are industrial designing the Alto product for release in a second campaign later in the year.  This manufactured version will be sold to consumers and location-based/enterprise customers. 

What we need:

Funds to pay for tooling, production, and delivery of the Alto

Beta testers to start using the Alto and start making experiences for it with our support

Our Alto100 developers to share their development with their own community in preparation for the second campaign

What you get:

The Alto dev kit board ready for use

SDK and plugins you will need to start making games and experiences on whatever platforms you want.

Online support and our own examples of games and experiences to help you get started.


See it in action!


The world needs the Alto and the Alto needs YOU!

With your support in this first campaign, we will deliver just 100 Alto boards to developers around the world lovingly made by us along with an SDK that has everything you need to start making your own experiences. 

We are limiting the numbers so that we can work closely with you and support you as you discover what you can build with the Alto.

Our library plugin will work across platforms including Unity, Unreal and PC based VR as well as phone-based and standalone VR which will be released later in the year.


Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk of any early-stage startup is running out of funds. However, we have strategically completed the design stage of the product before launching on Indiegogo and have experience in manufacturing. We already know the costs of manufacturing and shipping. This significantly reduces the number of unknowns and estimates (usual suspects) that can become money pits.

We are manufacturing the Alto with a focus on the user experience in the virtual and physical world. So far we have fabricated them by hand to get the right experience. Reproducing this with the manufacturers could be challenging and a cause of delay. So we have already selected the manufacturers and will be visiting the factories to test the quality of the Alto components.

We could be overwhelmed by too many backers … that’s why we have limited the campaign to 100 units!

Apocalypse OR zombie outbreak OR end of the world OR apocalyptic zombie outbreak that results in the end of the world? … We will consider accepting caps.


The Press Loves Us

We've already been covered by a number of industry publications.